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who we are

As Lawrence natives and high school sweethearts who graduated from LHS, we started Equity Management with the vision of caring for all aspects of each property like they were our own. We are the proud parents of 4 children, and treating property owners like family is at the core of everything we do. We have been serving property Owners and Tenants since 2017, with the upmost trustworthy, transparent, and honest practices. At Equity Management, our customers are our family and are always valued, heard, and cared for. You are Home with Equity Management!

Our team

Meet our amazing Equity Management crew who is here to help you feel at home!

Izzy 🐎20210611172259

Izzy 🐎

Meet Izzy! Izzy’s spirit animal is a horse!
Chad 🐬20200805161730

Chad 🐬

Meet Chad! Chad’s spirit animal is a Dolphin!
Joel 🦆20180630121336

Joel 🦆

Meet Joel! Joel’s spirit animal is a Duck!
Ben 🐴20180630121205

Ben 🐴

Meet Ben! Ben’ spirit animal is a Donkey!
Brent 🐢20180630120957

Brent 🐢

Meet Brent! Brent’s spirit animal is a Turtle !
Renate 🦩20180630120744

Renate 🦩

Meet Renate! Renate’s spirit animal is a Flamingo!
Georgia 🦈20180630120205

Georgia 🦈

Meet Georgia! Georgia’s spirit animal is a Shark!
Caroline 🦜20180630115308

Caroline 🦜

Meet Caroline! Caroline’s spirit animal is a Parrot!


At Equity Management, We pride ourselves in treating everyone like Family

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You are home with Equity Management